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Game assets:

"Adventure kid" character,  intended for a side scroller  game:

Unique animations + red cap overlay character
-Punch , use tool
-get hit
-lay down
-crawl idle
-ladder climb
-spell cast

 13 animations,  also included a version with a dark outline.

Creatures :

-Froggy, jump / attack anim
-Larva: chase and bite
-mosquito: fly
-ladybug insect: crawler
-Puff effect, when destroying creature


Fantasy adventure world, carry your character though tiny greenfields, happy trees,  while picking up berries on your way to town, maybe visit the mines (rumor says there is a ghost there), or crawl your way into the water well to find unknown treasures. 2D sidescroller inteded 8x8 pixel tiles,  objects vary in size: Contains 51 tiles, 9 background layers, for outdoors, cave or mine related themes.

- blue background
-sunlight effect (static)

-tree top A
-tree top B
-woodlogs (brown color and gray)
-water well
-grass tile (makes up walls and floors)
-3 types of tall grass -water (tall grass overlay)
-wood sign
-tiny tree A/B
-purple berry

-godrays A/B overlay (opacity png)
-grass / dirt overlays (intended for digable terrain or grass) (mining character, terraria like)
-dirt tile (makes up floor and walls)
-cave background tile

-blocked path debri
-underground water well
-iron rail
-treasure chest (basic)
-dirt pile

*Background layers:

Background 1
-greenfield gradient (clean)
-greenfield + lake + trees
-field +lake +bridge +trees
-field + trees only

Background 2
-Mountain A (256 x 104 pixels )
-Far away trees (overlay)

Background 3

-Far away mountain A,B,C

*File  contains an Image with measurements, layouts, labels naming all the contents, to give some insight while getting into building your own level.

 *There is a merged tileset to view small tiles at once, or they have been arranged accordingly one by one inside their respective folders - commercial use included,
do not resell it.


2.- House set (roof, walls, stairs and door, it can be tiled to complete bigger rooms.)
3.- Underground mines (Dirt tiles, Grave, Candle, Wood ladder, platform, gems with different colors)
*Ghost with animations:
-get hit
-Death (Disappear)

4.- easier to use town / house tile set. fewer pieces  , bigger rooms
 4.1-Chimney smoke

 can be used for all personal and commercial projects.


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World tile set 454 kB
Creatures 97 kB
House tiles 81 kB
Adventure Kid 1 MB
Underground mines 178 kB
House Tileset B 84 kB
House chimney smoke 23 kB

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