Dungeon crawler Set

started to put together a 2d sidescroller environment, based on fantasy theme about kids that get into trouble exploring the surrounding areas of their town or city, mostly to discover stuff and fight creatures and monsters, like a frog, mosquito, skeleton, a ghost etc.
due to nature of the pixels, creatures may be a lil bigger but keeping the style somewhat colorful.

There are still missing stuff, lots of it, houses, main city, more woods, a beach , a castle, it all depends if people finds it attractive enough to produce something playable with it.

-Environment Tiles 
-playable character

*wip creatures

if anyone finds it useful or want to suppor development of it, heres a link to files:  https://gamescipline.itch.io/animated-character-dungeon-crawler-fantasy-world


Adventure Kid Basic 282 kB
Feb 21, 2022
World Basic 86 kB
Feb 21, 2022
Adventure Kid Premium 1 MB
Feb 21, 2022
World tile set 454 kB
Feb 21, 2022

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