Overworld 3D, medieval fantasy

Taking from the castle setup, this project contains all textures it requires on a 128 x 128 pixel size set, each tile is 8 x 8 pixels, the main purpose is to have as much world space as possible loaded on a single texture, instead of loading one by one, makes creating new stuff easier and faster than having to look for specific textures.

-there is a castle, a town and dungeon mini designs, taking the nostalgia from oldschool games but in a 3d world to move camera around.
-The 3d model setup is also tile based, pixel perfect sizes to keep consistency.
-full texture pack is 128 by 128 px, with the possibility of scaling it up and retexture it with more resolution keeping the original design
-wip some objects
-Foliage will be added in another tileset


Overworld textures / map model .zip 2 MB
Mar 23, 2022

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